Senninha (little Senna)




Senninha (little Senna) was created by Rogério & Ridaut, and with Ayrton Senna's help, Senninha grew out to be a real hit in Brasil.  And still is today.


Rogério & Ridaut were two good friends.  Rogério worked with commercial designs, while Ridaut was a comic book creator.  But that wasn't the only thing they had in common, they both liked Formula1, and they both loved Ayrton Senna.


So they decided to create a comic, which would be a copy of Senna, a little Senna. And Senninha was born.

They gave Senninha a little gang (Turma do Senninha), and of course created another gang which would be the bad ones.


They didn't have the money to publish it, so they decided to go to the only man who could help them... Ayrton Senna.


They went to his building in Brasil, but of course Ayrton wasn't there.


They arranged a meeting to talk about the project.


When they met, Ayrton loved the idea.  He always wanted to do something for the children, but didn't really know what.  It had to be educational, it had to be fun, children  needed to love it, it had to be exciting. And so Senninha was the best way to express how Senna felt towards the children.  They would learn ethical values in life through Senninha, and they would have fun reading it.  Brasil immediately loved it, of course it was something of Senna, their hero.



The first edition of Senninha was give to every school for free.

Today Senninha still is incredibly popular in Brasil.  So, even with Senninha, Senna's memory is still present.


All the profits made by Senninha, go directly to the Ayrton Senna Foundation, to help the street children in Brasil.




Senninha a real winner...

"Two years ago, the idea of doing something like this came up, we examined it, and liked it a lot, and now I'm proud that we were able to to turn it into  reality in this way.  For this project contains a lot of myself and reflects my way of thinking and living" (Senna '94)




Brasil '94: Senninha  supporting Senna


"Because so much of Ayrton himself went into Senninha; that's why Senninha must definitely continue (Julian Jakobi, Senna's manager)


Senna after taking the 1994 pole-position in Brasil








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