Ayrton Senna Foundation


The Ayrton Senna Foundation was founded by Senna's sister. Before Senna left to Europe in 1994, he had a chat withhis sister that he wanted to do something for his country to help the childrenin Brasil, he had already created Senninha, but he felt that it wasn'tenough. Senna and his sister would talk about it, when he got back from Europe, after the Gp of Imola. Vivianne decided to still continue with Senna'sdream, and therefore created the Senna Foundation. The Foundation is buildon the profits made by Senninha and 'a marca Senna'.

Everything that wearsthe name Senna, is owned by the Foundation, so every profit that is made, goes directly to the Senna Foundation, to help the street children in Brasil.

Thesystem of the Foundation is quit simple, if the children go to school,they can practice sports at the Foundation for free of course. Becausethe children are only interested in sports, and think that going to schoolis a waste of time. Therefore they made a compromis. But theyhave to go to school, and after school they can go and sport, they canalso learn to work with the computer... And it is a success, more than 50 000 children are supported by the Foundation. Of course the proplemsin Brasil aren't over yet, but it is a start. So people, if you have the chance to buy a Senna article, please do, not do you only help children in brasil, but you make yourself happy with a Senna article :)



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Rua Dr. Fernandes Coelho, 85 - 15ยบ andar
Phone: (11) 2974-3000
Pinheiros - Sao Paulo - SP
05423-040 - Brazil

Web: www.ias.com.br









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